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Digital Impressions Information Digital Impressions Image

Impressions With "Goop" A Thing Of The Past?
CADENT iTero Digital Impressions

We were among the first few dental offices in the world doing DIGITAL SCAN “impressions” with the CADENT iTero system. We are using these VIRTUAL IMPRESSIONS for crowns (caps), cemented and bonded bridges, and cosmetic cases. We are able to take a 3-D digital scan of the entire mouth, make any adjustments needed, and transmit an electronic file to the laboratory where your final restoration is custom crafted with unprecedented precision and accuracy. Our patients love it!

Benefits of Digital Impressions

  • Eliminates the "dreaded goop"
  • No Unpleasant Taste, Less Drooling, and Little to No Gagging
  • Requires Less Time in the Dental Chair
  • Helps Create Restorations that Fit and Feel Like Natural Teeth

How Does It Work?
By Using a Hand-Held Wand to Optically Scan the Area to be Restored, Your Entire Impression of the Upper and Lower Teeth, Plus the Bite Registration are CREATED 100% DIGITALLY. But, that is:

Just the Beginning!
The Patented 3-D Digital Technology Enables Our Office and Our Lab, ARROWHEAD Dental Lab in Utah, to Create Restorations With Unmatched Precision and Accuracy. All of which Translates to Superior Restorations that LOOK and FEEL Like NATURAL TEETH.

Our Office in the Nightly News!
Dr. Grussenmeyer, and our Cherry Hill, New Jersey Dental Office, was Featured Nationally on the Televised Nightly News Broadcasts, Demonstrating this Digital Impression Technique and System, from the East Coast of the United States to Hawaii in 2008.

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