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Orthodontic Problems
A bite that does not meet properly, called a malocclusion, can be inherited. Many times, at least in this area of the country, malocclusions are caused by breathing problems.....chronic respiratory infections, sinusitis, allergies.

These all caused the tongue to be carried in the floor or the mouth, instead of holding it near the roof of the mouth where it belongs in normal function. Without the proper tongue position and pressure during growth and development, the upper jaw will grow more narrow, causing crowding and misaligned teeth and jaws. Sometimes deviate tongue habits can develop with speech problems and anterior open bites. Accidents and habits such as thumb and finger sucking may also cause malocclusions.

Dr. Grussenmeyer has a long time expertise in diagnosing growth and development problems, like orthodontic problems. He also has 7 years of advanced training in orthodontics. Although he no longer does orthodontic treatment, Dr. Grussenmeyer will advise you of your situation, possible solutions, and refer you for proper treatment.

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